Kitchen Cleaning

Overview of services

Continually high standards of hygiene must be met to reach food and safety standards. In a busy working environment it can be difficult to keep on top of hygiene areas in a commercial kitchen that have high levels of use where grease and grime quickly build up.

Lees are extremely experienced in this area, offering the highest standards in cleaning services to allow you to continue with the daily running of your business. Daily cleaning is adequate, however a more thorough cleaning will be needed to meet the high standards expected by the HSE.

Kitchen fitting

Ventilation & trunking cleaning

Lees offer Hygiene services for your kitchen ventilation and canopy units. We will keep abreast of all the latest Fire Safety regulations to protect your company from any potential prosecution by keeping these areas completely clean and risk free from any possible fire occurring.

Failure to meet with regulations set by the food safety act, will result in substantial fines and will put any staff at risk from health and safety issues.

Lees will help you comply with certification, providing records for any on-the-spot visits from Food Health & Safety teams, leaving you with peace of mind that all relevant procedures have been carried out.

Deep clean of hot equipment

Removal of burned fat or carbon deposits will prevent contamination, keeping hygiene standards high. This type of cleaning is not achievable in daily cleaning, a deeper system like that of Lees Deep Clean will be most effective.

Kitchen structures, high level cleaning of ceiling & wall grids

High level areas accumulate grease and dirt which can be difficult to maintain in daily cleaning. Using scaffolding or platforms we will get to those hard to reach areas to maintain the highest possible standards of Hygiene.

Drain blockage prevention

Lees use an effective enzyme system to breakdown grease and other organic matter that accumulate in the drains and pipework which can cause blockages.

Grease trap cleaning

Lees will maintain a regular programme to clean all types of traps inside or outside of the kitchen area, which accumulate grease.

Microbiological swab and testing

Our Technicians are trained to take swabs in a before and after service, keeping your hygiene at a high level.