Floor Cleaning

Here at Lees Premier Cleaning we have a highly skilled cleaning division that can provide a quality floor cleaning service for many types of flooring. With over 40 years of experience and knowledge in providing floor cleaning services, our professional floor cleaning teams can strip, restore, clean, polish and seal a variety of surfaces for you whatever size or dimension.

Over the years, Lees Premier Cleaning have provided a range of floor cleaning services across a wide range of sectors for many of our commercial and industrial clients, including floor care works in manufacturing, education, retail, leisure, healthcare and hospitality industries to name a few.

Our team of floor cleaning specialists ensure every job is completed to the highest standard, with vastly experienced teams understanding the exact treatment procedures needed to adopt for the specific floor type. Our floor cleaning professionals are fully knowledgeable in using the right floor care products and chemicals that ensures optimum longevity, durability and that most importantly improves the safety of your customers and staff that use your facilities each and every single day.

Lees Premier Cleaning specialise in the cleaning of specific floor types as can be shown below.

  • Vinyl
  • Ceramic
  • Altro Flooring
  • Wood
  • Terrazzo
  • Safety Flooring


Lees Premier Cleaning also offer a strip and seal service for Vinyl flooring. This service improves the appearance of your flooring and leaving it looking like new, helping to maintain the floor and making it easier to clean. The other benefits of our strip and seal service is that it extends the life span of the floor, because in maintaining the polished floor and regularly having the strip and seal carried out, this is cost effective in the long term for many commercial and industrial floors as the flooring lasts longer, particularly on floors with heavy daily footfall traffic.

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